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Well here is it... Kevin Blog v3.0. From the red to the mafia and now finally just something personal.

What will you find here?
Tales of:
-Indie Rock
-College Life
-Video Games
-Odd and brief obsessions
-Kung Fu

I spent all morning customizing my Web Brower. And that is fun.
My title bar says "Monkey Spacedragon". I find it inspiring.

I don't know why I picked this template. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I'm moving in two days. I am excited. I can only hope that there are many memories I can scribe here.

This post is dedicated to Greta *hats off to Greta*

I am an asshole, I need to stop that. I'm working on it, and there has been progress.

There are no girls in my life, and despite that being lonely, there is no stress. Plus, now I have money! Girls can be damn expensive.


You should probably know me to understand any of this, but hey stick around even if you don't! I may become an interesting person!

To get a little background on me check out liberalmafia.blogspot.com. I am the posted "Kev". That was quips of the last year or so of my life. While your at it check out www.dsmitch.com, thats Dennis' site. I love that boy to death.

Its been to long since I've written, my love. Forgive me,


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