Old towne living

Man oh man... I am just about done moving.

I really like my appartment, its nice and spacious. Its a pretty good looking place too. I built most of the furniture in the living room (hats off to Dennis for that last table:P) and that was fun. I couldn't help but feeling I was building really useful lego sets. my room is finished, but i still have to go home and get a couple things. Which is not that big of a deal I guess.

We are getting cable and internet next week sometime. We got a great deal on internet:)

In the elevator this older woman hit on me, and it was fucking hilarious.

Tonight will be fun, I'm going out with Kathy to watch a crazzzzzzzzzy movie. But first, Best Buy to get her a new printer.

Well, I know this was short, but I'm tired.



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