Something's starting today.

Heylo everyone.

Well it was one hell of a weekend, I'll tell you that much.

Friday: I worked all day, which wasn't too bad, but Kyle wasn't here because he was moving, but I survived. Then after work invited some people over to come hang out. At first no one was there. Megan came over and a little bit after Tim showed up. Megan was in a wierd spot so she left early. Tim and I ended up invited April over and she brought a couple friends. Eventually a whole grip of people showed up, andfor my own enjoyment I'm going to type the guest list out now!!!

Tim Scott
Josh Martin
Chase Camp
Stephanie B.
Stephanie V.
Sara Y.

I think was about it, but they are all really cool. I thought that Steph V. didn't care for me too much, but we got along pretty well for the most. So that was cool. Zach and I have a kinda sketchy past, but I think we are cool now. There was a grip of alcohol, but no one really drank that much. Now for the important part of the evening!!! The whole night I kept glancing at Stephanie B. (April's friend) and I couldn't help but thinking how cute she was. She always seemed pretty damn cool all around as the night pregressed on. So, in an almost unheard of display of confidence, I asked her to go out for some coffee sometime, and much to my (pleasant) suprise, she said yes. And that my friends, is what we call "good" if not "damn good".

Mellisa and I went to my grandparents cabin up by Mormon lake near Flagstaff and we stayed the night up there with my Grandparents, my mom, and my brothers. So that was cool. we had a fire and roasted marshmellows and all that fun stuff. we also played a little poker and took walks. It rained a little bit that night which was cool.

We drove into town and meandered around a bit there. Mellisa got to take her friend his cookies for his birthday, which was good. I am happy she got to. we drove home after this. It rained about halfway home which was nice. In Phoenix is got reallly stormy for a bit, but today when I woke up... no clouds. After I arrived home in Scottsdale, I got invited to a little shindiggity in Mesa so Tim Scott and I went out there (after a rousing game of NHL 2k5 for the XB of course). Kirsten magically showed up, so that was cool. It was good to see her.

I'm having a few people over this evening so that should be fun...

I'm looking forward to Stephanie coming back so I can make good on my coffee offer (even though I don't drink coffee *gasp*, I will just get tea :P).

Can you kick it? Wicked.


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