Uber-Geek vs Contemporary Geek

A little rant:

Often times I find myself scoffing at the pretntiousness of "geeks" or "nerds" or whatever you decided to call them. I, myself know that I am also guilt of this, I have a few credentials (CCNA, Pre-A+/Project+/MSCE training) but not as much as I'm sure many others have. In this constant cycle I'm involved in, I keep running across two consistent types of geeks. The Uber-Geek and the contemporary geek.

Most likely when you think of a geek you think of this guy. The computer guy at your job who stanks (I know I said stank) like unwashed ass and makes you feel stupid for not knowing how to access the HP-LJ-8150 through Novell Netware NDPS services because you logged into the wrong context. There is no way you should have or needed to know any of that, so why is he being such an ass? That question is for another day, but I digress. Anyways, this subject's love of technology knows no bounds. He will stay up till the wee hours of the morning comparing lines of code in the newest Linux 2.6.x shell compared to its previous incarnation which was Linux 2.6.x(-1). This could possibly seen as unhealthy, as it should be. That is a bit crazy even for my taste. Anyone whos last 5 books list will contain all tech manuals or 4 tech manuals and a star wars/star trek book is an Uber-Geek.

Contemporary Geek:
This geek is becoming more and more prevalent in the world of IT. I work at the AZ Attorney General's office on their IS staff, and I would say that... 60% of our staff is composed of these guys. Their love of technology knows a limit, and that limit is no losing their humanity over it. These geeks are articulate, fun-loving and can talk about things that don't revolve around bitching about the latest Windows security update. I would consider myself of this group for the most part, but then again given my horribly biased position on the matter, I doubt anyone (well almost) would glad to call themselves an Uber-Geek. So who knows.

While some would argue that the Uber-Geek is more intellegent and more on the ball when it comes to technology, I would have to disagree. I think that this may be the case in some instances, but I doubt the best accountants in the world don't come home with a hard-on to balance the ledge in their own personal Peachtree software. With technology becoming more user friendly, the geek as we know it keeps becoming a more common and more maintstream commodity. This is not a bad thing, as enterprise computing will always require specialist, it simply means that technology is just a simply normal part of life. Everyone can do it. Its like every can schedule and appointment in the address book, it doesn't mean they still don't need secretaries; most people can balance thier check books, that doesn't mean that accountants will be losing their jobs left and right! So blah, technology is mainstream, and the space of the Uber-Geek is shrinking. Which in my opinion is good. Damn prententious basterds!

I have Uber-Geek friends, and they are not bad people, but they are a little weird. I guess there will always be obsessions with things, as long as there are thing to be obsessed with. I just think that this class of geek may lack the social skills to bring the IT/IS community into the normal part of business life. But then again, this may never be possible because of the very nature of our work. We are over-paid :-D, but underappreciated in the contemporary work envrionment. this stems from the selfish nature of the users ("why can't you expend valuable resources to make a frivelous 50' Cat 6 cable to I can move the printer because when it makes noise so I can't listen to the music which I illegally placed on my computer even though I signed an agreement with the company that I would not do such a thing" is a common thing I encounter). Many users don't understand that saving thier Minesweeper high score table is much less important than making sure that the workgroup server for their section is functioning correctly or recovering important data from a high-ranking user's recently crashed computer. Users are for the most part stupid, and PEBCAK (look it up loser!!! Haha, that was my Uber-Geek side there) is too damn common.
Oh well, when you specialize in something that is mission critial you gotta roll with the punches I guess.

Well that was my rant, I think that it didn't really have a point. It started somewhere and ended somewhere completely different, but I had fun writing it, and I got out some of my crazzzzzy ramblings for the day. So anyways, I should be off, but I think I will try to write my next rant which I have been thinking about for quite sometime soon. "The 2nd(3rd?)-Gen Geeks!"



At 12:49 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Metro-geek may also apply here. Yes, geeks are becomming more and more metro-sexualized. haha.


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