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Man oh man, what a fun 4th o' July.

Megan called me up around 4pm to see if I wanted to come over for a barbeque, and I said sure. Now, just some back story, Megan and I dated for quite sometime, and me being the stupid ass emo boy that I am, I still have this clinging shred of connection to her. So somtimes, these interactions can be akward. Compound that with the fact that for some reason I am incapable of getting along with close female friends in social situations and voila, a couple hours of vague uncomfortableness. Megan is nice, but I can get into moods where I just am incapable of making a coherent sentance, yesterday that happened. So after a little while of feeling kinda wierd and sick (not to mention her other friends that were there... I didn't know them and we weren't exactly from the same grain) I decided to leave.

Just as I was about to take off, an old friend of mine, Schuyler showed up, so I just hung out with him. A bit latter this guy Brett and these two emo boys both named Tim came over. The 5 of us, all pretty much agreeing that this was utterly boring, decided to go up by Camelback mountain and watch fire works. That was cool.

We ended up going to this random dudes house afterwards for a little while, but Tim's (he will now be called tim the slut for ID purposes) ex was coming over, so we decided to leave. Other Tim had to be home at 11 anyways, so it wasn't that bad.

After this Tim, Schyuler, and I just went to random park and hung out. My friend Max called us up and we ended up giving him and a couple other people rides from this party they were at because their DD was too stoned to drive. In that little group of people, this dude Matt met up with us. He is pretty cool, but he is a libertarian, so i don't know about him :-X. We dumped rocks on a cicada and saw a grip of caterpillars. Then I went home and went to bed. It was pretty late and I almost didn't get up for work, but... I made it!!! The first hour here was just me trying to look awake while sleeping, but it didn't work too well... Anyways, I move today and tomorrow, so more about that later.

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